Hiking in Krka National Park (Croatia)

Croatia is a beautiful country with his green forests, mountains and blue sea. That’s why you can’t miss the Krka National Park. It’s a place where you can discover a diversity of flora and fauna. So my friends and I hopped on a bus to explore this place!ย 


We arrive at a small village and buy some tickets to go on board. After an hour waiting we are finally sitting on the deck of the boat. We leave the small village behind us and go further into the big lake.

We are chilling in the sun. The sound of the engine makes us relaxed and we sit on the deck and enjoy the moment. We are now part of the surroundings you see often on postcards from Croatia. We entered the famous Krka National Park!


The group splits. I go with two friends to explore the path leading to the hills. And the other two guys take the down road so we can share later the experience. The nature surrounds us when we walk up the hill. We choose this path on purpose, because there are less tourists and we don’t regret it!

The path ends and a big lake welcomes us. There is like an open spot so we have the same plan when we see it… ”Let’s jump!” We know it’s not wise, because we don’t know what’s on the bottom and you need to be careful for the rocks. But we go for it!

Everything goes well and the water is refreshing after a long hike. We see also some other people chilling in silence. If you visit Krka National park and you want to have a spot to relax in the nature… Follow your own path and don’t go to the main route that the most tourists follow.

When we are done with swimming we continue our search for the famous waterfalls. We walk and there is a sign with a picture of a snake. Now we walk more careful! Luckily we find only some fish.

It’s an unforgettable experience to swim when you have a waterfall behind your back. It’s also more difficult because of the water flow. Also the stones on the bottom are slippy, so mind your step. Remember that you are not allowed ย to swim to the big waterfall. I wanted to do it. But there was a problem… The guys on the pontoon were guarding it. But if you want to sit under a waterfall – there is a hidden cave that you will find for sure!

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Do you know a cool National Park to visit?ย 


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