Travel back in time at Klis Fortress (Croatia)

You see an eagle in the sky. It looks down at four travelers who wander through the mountain landscape. The sun burns their skin. But they are standing and looking at a flag. It’s flattering surrounded by ancient walls. One of the wanderers takes a sip of his water bottle. That’s me. Im preparing myself for the climb. The mission is to explore the Klis Fortress. We travel back in time to the Medieval age of the Game of Thrones.


We start our climb up and enjoy the rocky surroundings. But our way is blocked by a huge gate. It’s open! But an old man is protecting the gate. We need to give some local gold to him. The guard smiles and we enter the Medieval world – The location where the Game of Thrones was filmed. So we enter the portal where we go back in time.


You can imagine that hundreds years ago you could hear the heavy footsteps of the knights, when they walked on the walls. You could see the archers watching the surroundings and protecting the fortress. I enjoy the moment and feel overwhelmed by the breathtaking view.

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When we walk on the walls of the fortress we find a pillory. It’s a Medieval torture device, made of wooden frame with holes securing your head. Ofcourse my friends lock me up, so I can experience the torture device myself. It’s scarry when you think about it… that people humilated you and throw tomatoes or even rocks at your face. I was lucky that my friends didn’t have any tomatoes with them!


During our exploration we find a small museum with a lot of artifacts from the Medieval Age. We are like little boys touching al the weapons we see at that place. We try to fit some Knight equipment. It fits very well. I see almost myself running on the walls with the sword and fighting against the enemy. To be honest I don’t know if it was allowed to touch the ancient equipment. But I think the Knights would let us, because they don’t need it anymore. 😉

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We go further to capture the flag and on the way we try to find some hidden spots in the fortress. I wonder if there are still some hidden treasures left. Who knows? But when you go to explore the place you need to be careful, because it’s not always safe where you walk. So mind your step. Also a lot of rooms are in restoration. It was unique that you could go where you want without any signs of warning.

We arrived at the flag and had some moment to relax and enjoy the view. But when we went on our way back we got almost a heart attack. We see some big knights and a princess just walking random towards us. First we were all the time alone and they pop out of nowhere. Than we recognise they are just some actors from the Game of Thrones. So we say Hi to each other and continue our way back to home – living the Medieval fortress behind us.


Do you know a Fortress that worth the visit? 

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