The Dead Sea experience in Israel

After the sandy roadsย of the Negev desert we arrive at the Dead Sea. You can feel the air changing into a breeze of salt. The atmosphere is different than before. That’s because we are at the deepest hypersaline lake in the world – 423 meters below sea-level. First we take some photo’s of the surroundings. Now weย are ready to take a bath. But first we need to cross the hot beach!ย 


My little brother and sister run without the flip-flops over the sand. But on the halfway to the sea they notice that the sand becomes hotter. There is no way back! I never saw them running so hard. I prefer to take the time without burning my feet. When you enter the dead sea you need to be careful. Every wound could be pricking if the skin touches the big concentration of salt.

First I try to look for some salt crystals. You can see how the salt attaches to wood, metal or objects that you can find in the water. I heard that you can also find some salt diamonds or salt pearls but than you need to look where less tourists come. I didn’t have the luck to find any. Fishing is also not working, because there is no life in the salty lake. That’s why it’s called the Dead Sea. But I was happy enough to relax in the water. The salt seems to be healthy for your skin so I enjoyed it.


It was finally time to try some swimming. Many people say it’s not possible to swim in the Dead Sea. But I tried it myself and you can do it for sure. But be careful for your eye’s. You don’t want to take a dive in the salty water. It’s a very crazy experience that you can float in it. That’s because of the big amount of salt.

After the bath in the Dead Sea it’s important to take a shower so you get rid of all the salt. It can be irritating for the skin if you don’t wash it away. Especially if you need to travel far back to home. So my advice is to take a good shower.

Do you know a crazy place on earth?ย 

21 thoughts on “The Dead Sea experience in Israel

  1. It’s a very funny experience to bath in the Dead Sea! I have been there twice, Israelian part and Jordanian part. It’s fantastic to read your newspaper floating on the water ๐Ÿ™‚

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