Jogging in Israel’s Negev Desert

I open the car door and the sun burns my skin. My eyes are crying for some sunglasses. I go out of the vehicle and put my feet on the sand. It’s hot when it goes into my flip flops. Welcome inย the Negev. I try to walk carefully and get my jogging suit out of the car. I change my clothes without touching the hot sand. It would burn my skin. It goes well and I go further into the landscape of the desert.ย 


I look around and see only some hills and experience the ultimate silence of the no man’s land. You can onlyย see the airflow moving. Is it a fata morgana? Or something else. I go further and stop to put my GoPro on. Every movement makes my body sweat. But I promised my friend that I will make a video of me, jogging through the desert. So I click on play and go!


I can hear my footsteps on the sand. My body is moving on it’s own, because my mind is in wonderland of the breathtaking surroundings.ย I run forward and try to avoid the holes. Also slipping on rocks can be dangerous. PS: Beware for the scorpions! But not the animals are here the danger. It’s the sun that makes you crazy. I begin to see the airflow moving. Is it a Fata Morgana or something else? I click my GoPro on stop. I wake up from my surroundings when my mum calls that it’s time to go. I leave behind the sandy hills and enjoy the car airco!


What would you do in the Negev desert?ย 


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