Szimpla Kert ruin bar in Budapest

If you are in Budapest don’t miss the Szimpla Kert bar. It’s a ruin bar in an old building that was recovered from the damage of World War II. People from all over the world visit this open bar to connect and have a drink together!


When we enter the bar we are surprised by the crazy interior. You can find everything… From crazy sculptures to cars and bikes where you can sit on. I was even sitting on a ski seat, looking at a random potty hanging on the wall. It’s a drunken paradise!

It’s time to explore the bar. We climb up the stairs to the first floor. We spot a camera filming the place. You can follow the party LIVE from home. People are laughing, drinking beer and enjoying their time. We also go to order some beer. Cheers!

Later it’s time to try some local Shisha. The place is perfect to relax and have some chat with your friends. It’s even possible to find a piano or some lost guitars hanging on the walls. So if you like old buildings and beer with a lot of crazy stuff you will have fun for sure. Enjoy Budapest!

What is the best bar in Budapest that you visit? 

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