Abandoned block in Sandomierz (Poland)

Im very into exploring hidden and secret places. See and do stuff that have never been done before. Nowadays it’s difficult. But not impossible! That’s why I like to wander into random small streets to find the adventures that are waiting for me. And I always get rewarded by suprises.


Going downhill I spot with Daan an abandoned block in Sandomierz. Of course we slow down, because we want to check it out. The gate is broken so we can enter the neglected place. Now we need to find a way to get inside the big building.

We find an open window and climb up to jump inside. It’s hard because you need to be careful for all the glass that is lying on the ground. But we can find a way in. The place is dark and abandoned. The atmosphere is silent and a bit scary. But we go further and whisper, because we don’t know if somebody or something is inside.

Im tired of al the scary silence so I try to make a ride on my longboard. I mean why not. But the ground is full of stones. So it’s almost impossible to ride normally. We go to the stairs to climb our way up.


Upstairs we are suprised by the open wall of the block. So we take a look outside. The view is great and a little bit high. We need to be careful not to fall out of it. After some sightseeing we climb even further up.

On the last floor we find some graffiti and a ladder that goes to the roof. We would like to go up but it’s in bad condition. Than we hear a strange voice. Is there someone? Or something? We almost get a heart attack. A bird flies out of the corner. We need to laugh. Only a bird… It’s time to go out of this abandoned place. Our way back goes safe without any ghosts. 😉


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