Aquapark in Lublin (Poland)

If you want to have a fun day out in Lublin than go to the local Aquapark. One of the pools looks like an aquarium. So you can watch people swim like a fish from the outside. It’s an unique experience! The price for one hour is only 9 zloty. Not so bad for the many attractions that the Aquapark offers. konradHere you can see the aquarium from the outside. When you enter the park you can try it out by yourself. This pool is the coldest, because it’s very deep. So you need to be a good swimmer. It’s more used for sport swimming and not for playing.


This one is also cool. It’s an attraction where you need to team up with others. Partnership is important. So you spread in two groups and jump in one time! The jumping creates waves and they become higher and higher!

You have also some water slides. But you need to be careful! The water is not always deep when you slide down. So always lay on the back and don’t go with the face forward. You could loose your teeth by hitting the ground.


The Aquapark has also a mini climbing wall. It looks easy to go up. But believe me. You will struggle more than you think. The wall is wet of the water so you can fall very quickly.


When you feel stuffy you can also go outside to catch some fresh air. When you want to visit the Aquapark don’t forget to bring short swimming trunks, because the long ones that I wear are forbidden. I was lucky that the guards didn’t throw me out of the water. 😉

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