Thai ice cream rolls in Lublin (Poland)

Middle in the centre of the old city Lublin I find a street stall with Thai ice cream. Few months ago I was in Thailand and didn’t eat this crazy stuff. So now is my chance to taste it.


I see many people waiting for their order. Everyone looks like frozen watching the ice cream makers who show their skills. You hear the spatulas hit the ice on the grill. That’s why you also call it stir fried ice cream. Im standing with my cousin and they ask me friendly what kind of taste I would like. I choose kiwi and banana and pay 10,90 zloty for it. It’s quite expensive for Poland. But I take a gamble. Now I wait 20 minutes, because the ice cream is hand made. So it takes more time than ussual.


The ice masters start their art. They pour a choice of soy or dairy milk on the cold grill. Than mix it with some fruit or other ingredients to get the taste. Later the mixture is chopped with some spatulas what looks really cool. The noice attracts a lot of tourists who come over to watch the show. Later the ice gets stirred while crystallizing until creamy to be rolled.


After the big proces I have my Thai ice cream rolls and can walk proudly on the streets of Lublin. To be honest it doesn’t taste very different from normal ice cream. But it’s a funny new way to enjoy your frozen time. 🙂



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