Finding Pikachu in Warschau

I say goodbye to my girlfriend and leave the city Bydgoszcz. It’s time to go further. Time to explore my country Poland! I make a reservation on and catch a ride to Warschau for only 30 polish zloty. After 4 hours sitting in the car and talking with other passangers about traveling I arrive in the capital of Poland. I get dropped in an area with a lot of high blocks. I have only the adress of a friend of me where I can stay a night. So I put my luggage on the ground and smoke a cigaret for some nicotine.

Now I need to navigate. Ofcourse I forgot to buy some prepaid for my mobile phone so now I will struggle to find the adress in this big block area. Luckily Im standing before the right door. Ola, a friend from the childhood welcomes me warmly. We buy some pizza and she goes fast to sleep. Tomorrow she needs to get up early for work. I stay longer and play some video games. On 3 am I go on my couch to dreamland.

The next morning Im home alone, because Ola went to work. Her brother Filip picks me up. He is with his girlfriend Oliwia and they need to bring some papers for their new studies. So we go to: ”Politechnika Warszawska”. It’s an old building that is still left from the bombing during the World War II. We enter the old hall and I spot a statue. There is something weird sitting on the shoulder of this stone lady. Is it really what Im thinking. Do I see a Pokemon? Two girls come to me and ask if I want to be the new proud owner of this 3D real life Pikachu. Ofcourse I say YES! So they make a picture and congrats me. Even without Wifi it’s now possible to catch a Pokemon! 🙂



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