Longboarding at Kijkduin (Holland)

The smell of trees. Sea wind – and lot of space. Kijkduin is the place to be! It’s located in the middle of the dunes. Surrounded by the nature and the sea view you can explore the dune trails. Watch closely! You can still spot some hidden bunkers from the Second World War. The most people cycle, walk or run but we chose to go on a longboard. The hills are crazy and the animals on the road even more! 


We try some downhill sometimes you need to be careful. Because the road gives a lot of suprises. Even the dangerous ones…

There are parts that we need to grab our board and walk, because the sand, rocks and cattle grid can give a nasty fall. So dear longboarder when you go down a hill be carefull! Sometimes you can go to fast like my friend Oscar. The board gets into the turbulences and than it’s time to pray! You loose your balance and hit the concrete.

We found some water to clean the wounds. Eventually it was not so bad. He didn’t need to go to the hospital. He was brave enough to go further on his board!


We also had the chance to meet some highlanders. So don’t hit a cow on the road!





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