Back in Holland after 2 months travel

Im back home after 2 months traveling in Southeast Asia. It’s weird to be back. It feels like I was living in a different world. The people, architecture, food and the way of thinking are diverse from the west. But I miss it already. Asia will always have a special place in my heart.


It’s a magical world. That for sure. You experience adventures like the characters in books and films. The travelling through Thailand – Laos- Vietnam and Cambodia changed me. Now I will see even my own city like a place to discover and to experience. It’s not important where you are. It’s all about your traveler’s mindset. Beย always curious and on the road.

Now I will rest a few days. But don’t worry! I will be still looking for amazing places and crazy adventures. It’s time to discover Holland and Poland! You can follow my adventures on There will be also a lot of lost stories about Southeast Asia.

I want to thank all the friends I met on the road. We had many adventures and a wonderful time. Also special thanks for my family and girlfriend who have supported me all the way back to home.


4 thoughts on “Back in Holland after 2 months travel

  1. As an Asian living here (Bangkok will always remain home) for quite sometime now, there’s a lot of beautiful things one can experience and to be had. The opportunity to visit beautiful museums for instance. But, I don’t ever think that the warmth you receive in Asia can be replicated here and that’s why we are drawn to go back there again and again for a bit of solace. Even Asians who have been living here for many years change their values too. Meaning, Westernised! ๐Ÿ˜€

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