Chill Skybar – AB Tower in Saigon (Vietnam)

Do you like sightseeing and partying? Than is Chill Skybar the place to be. It’s fresh opened but already very popular among locals and tourists. The bar is located at the rooftop of the AB tower. From above you can see the city come alive.


Arrived at the AB Tower we can’t enter the place. Shorts and flip flops are not allowed! If you go the the Skybar it’s the best to wear a suit. Because you will feel overwhelmed by all the fancy clothes the people have. When you are a budget traveller than a suit will not fit in your backpack. So we come back with some zipp-off trousers. And it doesn’t look cool at all! But we can enter the place. Inside – we see a lot of security guards. Even two come with us to the elevator. Everything is clean and shiny. We arrive at the top floor and hear the music.

A bar is located on the edge of the roof. Arround it there are people standing in fancy suites and drinking cocktails. We ask for the price of one beer. 10$ for one. Hell no! So we go to smoke some cigarettes and enjoy the amazing city structure. Around all those people in suits we don’t feel really comfortable. It’s all too fancy.. Even in the toilet there stands a man and gives us a napkin to dry our hands. And lot lot of security… Not something for me. I like more to have some cola-vodka in the Burgerking. And than go to a crazy ghetto party.


Would you pay 10$ for one beer?


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