10 ways to travel cheaper


1. Always and always bargain. You can do it in hostels, guesthouses and travel agencies. Almost everywhere. It depends where you are. But just try it. You don’t lose anything and you can earn a lot.

2. Do your own laundry! Okeay I know it’s fucking annoying when you need to find your way through all the hanging t-shirts and underwear. But when you do it yourself you can safe a lot of $$$

3. Eat local. When you choice in a local land for foreign food than you spend a lot of money. The products are imported from other countries. So the transport costs are more expensive. That’s the reason why I lived 2 months on fried rice in Asia. Burgerking or western pizza were above my budget…

4. Share. Everyone knows that sharing is very polite. But you can also share smart. When you buy a beer to one person and talk about your small travel budget. The chance is high that you can get some nice whiskey or more beers for return. Also sharing a taxi, food and room can be a lifesafer for your light wallet.

5. Drink cheap alcohol. Before you go out buy some local beer or vodka and have a before party. Than you can go on a good level to the club. One beer at the club and you safe a lot of money. In Thailand our dinner was also our before party. Sometimes it’s possible to bring your own bottle and order a good meal.

6. Sleep free. There are a lot of tricks to skip the expensive hotels and guesthouses. Just ask some locals for a place to sleep. Sometimes you will get also a free guide and meal too! You can use http://www.couchsurfing.com to find some hosts. On the more deserted places you can just get in contact with the local people or bring a tent with you. One time I slept in a cave. That’s how you get the most amazing experiences.

7. Be bad. Sometimes there are clubs or tourist attractions that want to much money from you. Just sneak inside when nobody looks. In Laos we jumped over a fance to enter a jungle party – of course without paying. You can also visit the temples in the morning when it’s all free.

8. Go hitchhiking. Transport is very expensive when you are travelling from country to country. But you can always put your dumb up and stop a vehicle. Even in a big city it’s possible. In Holland we stopped a car on the red light and hitchhiked to the city center for a crazy night out.

9. Cook your own meal. Just buy some meat and vegetables on the local market and make a campfire. It will be an amazing experience to cook outside surrounded by the nature and sky full of stars.

10. Don’t buy souvenirs. It’s nice to bring some exotic items back to home. That’s why there are a lot of tourist giftshops that make a good business. But don’t forget. You can also find souvenirs for free. Just grab a stone or shell from a special place and you will always think about the place if you see the item. I found a crystal in a cave and it brings every time good memories when I look at it.

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