Deadly coconuts in the paradise

Isn’t it nice to lay on a white sand beach. There is a beautifull girl serving you  drinks. You hear the voice of the waves and enjoy the tropical view. The sun is burning but you lucky enough to be in the shadow of a palm. The tree has many coconuts. Looking at them you think about ordering a coconut drink. But than something falls out of the sky. Unfortunately it’s not a present or exotic girl. It’s not paradise. More like horror. You see it coming closer and you know it. The battle between the coconut and your head starts. The loser goes to the hospital or grave yard.


Happy enough it was not my head. But there are a lot of incidents from tourists dieing by a coconut. So beware. Maybe something new to add in ‘Dangers in Asia’. It will get a nice place near poisonous spiders, snakes and human eating crocodiles. Don’t worry. The chance that a coconut hits you is small. Hmm but when you lay every day under a palm tree than I give you a warning. Be careful. Happy holiday!


Greetz from the palm trees 🙂

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