Playing meat roulette with locals in Luang Prabang

In a small village nearby Luang Prabang we take a walk to find the way back home. Then some locals call us and say that we need to drink some beer with them. First we are not sure if it’s a good idea. But we go for it. We take a sit on the pillows. There is a table with a lot of food and a lot lot of beer. They pour us the fluid of happiness with some ice cubes. -Beer with ice cubes is normal in Asia.- We discover that there are two women, one little child, a shemale and a gay male. It’s not an usual combination….


We drink one beer after the other one. Eat some beef and vegetables. Every one is laughing. The shemale tries to get my attention. I say polite that I have a girlfriend. The chilling goes further without problems. But then.. they put a piece of meat middle on the table. I know that Russian roulette is crazy. But this is also very hmm unusual? They spin the meat and when the half eaten piece is pointing to someone – he needs to shot a glass of beer. We play the game and everyone is laughing. But everyone knows that after beer you need to go to toilet quicker than normal. So I ask where the toilet is. The shemale is my guide to show the place to pie…


I follow. Get inside a room with a hole in the floor. I say thank you. But he/she is still standing. I say thank you. Nothing. No reaction. Hmm she/he don’t want to leave. So I think fuck it and just empty my bladder. I feel the eyes in my back. When Im done she/he comes and asks to wash my jewelry. ‘No thank you!’ I say. ‘In Holland we don’t do it.’ She/he is sad. I go back to the diner/party table. My friend goes to the toilet too. So I wish him luck with the shemale guide. After he comes back we drink our beer and it’s time to go. On the road we can get a free ride from a girl on a scooter. So we arrive safe and well in Luang Prabang.

That’s our experience with locals in Laos. Did you have also some crazy adventures with local people?Ā 


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