Kayaking and the monkey Island in Ha Long Bay

Every traveler in Vietnam heared about Ha Long Bay. From Hanoi it’s the place to go. You see many travel agencies promoting the trip to the 2000 islands. So we give it a shot. After a bus – boat – bus trip we arrive on the Cat Ba Island. It’s the biggest Island of the Bay. For many tourists the point to start the expedition for the other hidden Islands.ย 


Unfortunately there is not a lot of sun. But we hire a kayak and go to explore the Vietnamese sea. the view is still breathtaking. The sea looks like it’s locked by the towering rocky mountains. Still there are many escape routes to the main sea. The water itself is captured by the many fisherboats. Nearby the rocks you see old women. They wear conical hats made of straw and use a pick to remove the clams from the rocks.


After some kayaking we go to explore the Monkey Island. We are lucky. Because we are almost the only tourists. So we take a walk and climb on some rocks to have a better view. Sadly enough we can’t spot any monkeys. But we can hear a lot of birds singing some sweet melody. Later we take a walk to search for whatย the sea left. We find some exotic shells and take them with us as an souvenir. Back on the Cat Ba Island we fill our bellies with the local clams. They are delicious!!

Ow yea and beware when you are playing around with a fishing rod. There are still some monsters left in the Vietnamese Sea. This fish weights 400 kilo! Almost the size of a dolphin.ย 








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