Dog heads in Hanoi

Always check your dog from head to tail if you bring him to Hanoi. It’s normal to have a piece of dogmeat in Vietnam. When I was walking at a local market I saw many heads of our four legged friends looking at me.ย The picture is still in my mind. But I understand it. Every country has his own culture. We also eat animals like cows and pigs. It’s all about personal sentiment.ย 


The people love the dogs in Vietnam. So the average Vietnamese will not have a dog on his plate. But there are still some cat and dogs restaurants. Some people believe that the meat is working as an aphrodisiac. Others just like the taste.ย Most western people will look shocked at this picture. It’s probably all about psychology. We have been holding dogs for centuries so the bond between the animal and human is very strong. But we still kill pigs, cows and even horses. They were also hold for centuries….

What do you think about it?ย 



2 thoughts on “Dog heads in Hanoi

  1. Oh nooooo!!! I can’t look at it! I know people eat them, and it’s better than starving to death. But to me they are friends and family.

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