Drinking Snake Whiskey in Luang Prabang

Walking down the river an old man stops us from behind his stall. He is surrounded by bottles. Inside of it we spot some mushrooms and for us unknown plants that are swimming in the fluid. It doesn’t look delicious. But the most crazy are the snakes. They are chilling in the bottles if they are still alive. We come to look closer and get in chat with the old man.


‘You! Want some ย snake whiskey shot?’ We think twice about it but than we sit on plastic chairs. The old man is pouring the whiskey. Some pieces of the snakes fall probably in our shot glasses. We don’t see it. But knowing is enough. The shot glasses are filled with the snake fluid. ‘Are the snakes poisoned?’ The old man doesn’t understand it. He smiles and says: ‘drink!’ We Count to three and clink the glasses together. The snake whiskey flows into my mouth. I feel confused. ‘It’s not bad at all.’

I bought some of the cobra snake whiskey as a souvenir, because I really like the taste. The snake gives even more flavour. The whiskey has a medical purpose. The mix of the snake and whiskey can be helpfull against rheumatism, lumbago and sweat of limbs. It’s also popular in Asia as an aphrodisiac. Asians believe that the snake whiskey can give you a lot of strength. I had a lot of energy after it. But is it the alcohol? Endorfine? Or really the power of the snake. Nobody knows…


Would you like to try some Snake Whiskey?ย 


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