”You can’t enter Vietnam”

After a long 8 hours trip from Phonsavan (Laos) we arrive at the border of Vietnam. We are very confused because everyone has a Visa and we ofcourse not. That’s because we never plan. Some other travellers said that you can get a tourist visa at the border. But at the border the Vietnamese Border Defence Force says that they can’t give us a Visa. ‘No Visa. You go Luang Prabang or Vientiane embassy. You visa get there.’ Our bus goes to Hanoi and we need to go back. All the way back and even further than Phonsavan….


We pay again for the bus back and watch the bus to Hanoi leave us behind. There is a sleeping bus to Luang Prabang so we take it. Inside only my friend can find a place to sit. I need to lay on the passage surrounded by bagage. I paid for a sitting/lying place but didn’t get it. A lot of other Lao people also lay or sit on the passage. A little bit angry of the situation I watch the road. After some thinking I come to the conclusion that it is our fault. We didn’t do a lot of research about the Visa. In the future we need to plan better. Some hours pass.

Even more hours pass.We ride for like 4 hours without a break. I really need to pie. But the bus is not stopping. Can’t hold it anymore. The thoughts rush through my head. Should I do it in a bottle? What can I do? Maybe ask the driver to stop? But I can’t go to the front of the bus, because of all the people lying on the pathway. I hold it… Another hour passes. The bus stops. I rush outside. What a release. Some other passangers could’t also hold. The toilet is too far away. So we all piss against the fence….

Couple  hours later we arrive in Luang Prabang. We were in the bus for 24 hours. So we need to find a place to sleep. After taking the Tuk Tuk we get to the centre. But it’s empty. Only one place is open, so we get some cheap rice with vegetables and a Beerlao. Every place we want to stay is closed. We have a problem… After some searching we find some hotels but it’s all expensive. We have no choice but to sleep on the streets. Some monks on the way to the temple wake us up. It’s morning and the cheap guesthouses are finaly open again.

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