How to survive the streets of Canggu in Bali?


Not walkable streets, the smell of petrol, the sound of engines, and drunk tourists on the road. The small surf town of Canggu has become a traffic jam. Content creators on motorbikes, digital nomads in taxis, and broke backpackers on the sidewalks try all to experience the past bohemian glory. The surfers escape into the water and hide from the tourist camera lenses. How do you survive as a travel blogger on the streets of Canggu?

Rent a motorbike

The best way to blend in the motorbike vibe of Canggu is by renting a scooter. But be careful! You need to have an international driving license, ride on the left side, and dodge all the potholes & cars on the small streets. The petrol is very cheap (110 rupiahs per liter). Would you take the risk to hit the roads?

A travel blogger on a motorbike on the beach surrounded by palm trees.

Hire a motorbike taxi

If you don’t want to take a risk by driving yourself you could hire a motorbike taxi driver. Mobile applications (apps) like Grab and GoJek are popular in Bali to get to your desired destination. Don’t forget to take a driver with extra security. That means it’s a qualified driver, sanitized motorbike, you will be insured, and the helmet will be provided. Don’t worry it will be still a crazy ride that you will remember!

A motorbiker in Canggu holding a helmet and renting a motorbike.

Taxi driver

Do you plan to go further from Canggu? In that case, I recommend getting a taxi driver for more comfort and safety. From my experience, there are not many motorbike taxis that follow the rules. On long distances, you take more risks but for short distances, you will hopefully survive the streets. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Taxi driver holding his steer wheel with two hands.

Rent a car

Do you plan to go around the exotic Bali island? A great option is to rent a car. You can rent one directly at the airport. In Canggu, it’s not recommended because you will get stuck in the traffic. Drive on the left side, and be mindful of small roads and many motorbikes zooming like bees around your car. They will come at you from all directions!

A travel blogger in a Safari jeep car.


Do you have a lot of energy? Or just a small budget? You can always put on your hiking shoes to explore the sights and worldwide cuisine of Canggu. But don’t wear flip-flops to prevent tripping. Leave also your white shoes at home when it’s raining. The streets have many holes and are slippery. When you walk it feels like you will hit everyone’s shoulder from the opposite side or the car will scratch you from behind. The streets are just too narrow. Remember the zooming motorbikes go always first. Even over your toes, and will hit you when you don’t pay attention.

Dirty shoes from rainy season.

Wear comfortable clothes

In Canggu and the island of Bali, you will encounter a tropical climate. If you want to visit a fancy cafe or restaurant try to avoid wearing a backpack because your back will get sweaty. In general, locals use umbrellas or tissues to fight sweat and the hot sun. You should also invest in some breathable Balinese clothes, sunscreen, an eco-friendly Bali shoulder bag, and Merino wool t-shirts.

Motor rider with tattoos smoking a cigaret on his motorbike in Canggu - Bali.

Protect your gear

If you plan to shoot content as a travel blogger in Canggu be mindful of the wet climate. Always remember to not leave your drone or camera in the scooter. The temperature gets very high so it can kill your batteries. Also the wet fog or sand from the beach can damage your camera gear. But you can always take a waterproof GoPro or pen & notebook with you for some surfing or beach day.

Content creator preparing his drone in Canggu - Bali.

Connect with your tribe

The vibe of Canggu is definitely bohemian, with motorbikes, surf, and worldwide cuisine. But how do you find the right tribe? The best way to connect with other backpackers or party folk is through hostels. If you are a travel blogger like me and stay in a private accommodation you can connect through Facebook groups and events with like-minded content creators.

Digital nomads and content creators connecting in hostels and cafes.

Travel Blogging Academy

Check out the Travel Blogging Academy if you want to connect with travel bloggers, and content creators inside a like-minded community to be able to grow together!

Travel Blogging Academy for travel bloggers and content creators to be able to monetize their travel blog.

Do you want to learn more about Indonesia? Check out the travel blog from Casian & Kezia, our students from The Travel Blogging Academy to explore the country of ricefields and volcanoes like a local.


Do I recommend Canggu? Definitely not. I spent there 2 weeks and thought I would be able to work in peace. However, I didn’t because while taking sips from my cappuccino I heard the motorbikes instead of the waves. If you want to try world-class cuisine or work in co-working cafes check Canggu out for one or two days. Don’t forget your headphones. 🙂

Would you visit Canggu?

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