Coronavirus is dangerous for Digital Nomads

Clickbait. Got you! There are many posts about Coronavirus or also called COVID-19. The virus seems to shake the world. Some cities go to lock-down. Local governments take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. People panic about getting infected and the global economy is shaking.

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1. Global anxiety


The global panic can influence the behavior of consumers buying products in the shops. There are many people hoarding for masks, gloves, disinfection soap, food, and first aid supplies. That means that some shops can have too many sales and to less import from the infected areas. It leads to empty shells in the shops that increases the panic in society. For us as digital nomads, it’s important to know that some products can be hard to get. Especially when you don’t know the local language and environment it can cause anxiety when you are far from home. So maybe it’s time to learn some survival skills.

2. Discrimination


The Coronavirus anxiety leads in some parts of the world to discrimination of Chinese people. According to scientists, the virus comes from an animal food market in Wuhan in China. Some people can become xenophobic out of fear. That means that when you have the Chinese nationality there can be people who can be afraid of you or in worst cases aggressive to have someone to blame for the whole Coronavirus issue. I think it’s crazy because the virus is in many countries and there is still not enough proof of what the virus is and where it comes from.

3. Travel problems


Many flights get canceled, there are more precautions on the airports and fewer people traveling abroad. The travel advice to different countries can change and it could get more difficult to travel to other places, because of the infected areas. For digital nomads, it means you can face problems with moving from place to place. On the other side, there is also a chance that flight tickets can become cheaper which creates new opportunities to visit countries. But it’s good to know that the chances to get infected can increase when you travel a lot. So it’s important to contact the Embassy or local emergency number when you have a cough, high temperature and shortness of breath.  The symptoms are similar to other illnesses such as cold and flu.

4. Business challenges


Do you have an online business as a digital nomad? If yes the Coronavirus global anxiety and precautions from governments & companies can influence your income. If you ship products you need to take in mind that some companies can have logistic problems, because of the infected areas. Also, the behavior of your clients can change out of fear for the virus. The global economy is shaking so that can affect a lot of companies so keep in mind to protect yourself as an entrepreneur with common sense. But the trend of Coronavirus can also bring opportunities. As a digital nomad in one place, you are safe from the virus and you can use the anxiety inside your marketing. Think about affiliate marketing of high priority products, selling e-books about viruses, phobia coaching, journalism and becoming an expert in a new niche?

5. Trapped in the city


In my opinion, the scariest thing is when you lose your location independence as a digital nomad, because of the city that can go to lock-down. The cities for example like Wuhan in China and Lombardy in Italy were closed. People can’t travel in or out of the cities. That means you are trapped as a nomad. So remember to follow the news of the local governments to keep yourself updated. When you get trapped, (because it happened already to some digital nomads) don’t panic but contact your Embassy for more information and follow the instructions of local governments with common sense.

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