Scam the thieves with the Pacsafe Travel Bag

Do you have enough of watching your back? Imagine that you swim in the blue sea with turtles and some plastic bottles. The water is refreshing and you just want to dive in the underwater world. But then you get almost a heart attack. The signal of stress goes through your forehead. You look behind your back and ask yourself: ”Where is my travel bag?!”. The new smartphone for taking travel pictures lies hidden under your colorful towel. There are some people walking on the beach that you don’t know. In the palm trees, you see a monkey looking at your half-eaten fresh coconut. Is it safe to just swim and let your valuables on the beach? ‘Nope, it isn’t’. However, there is a solution to it.

I discovered the Pacsafe travel bag! You can use it for swimming in the sea, sleeping on the train, leaving behind your stuff in the hotel room or just for a carry on in the plane. Now I don’t need to worry about my stuff.  It’s knife proof and it has enough space for the most necessary valuables. I had enough of watching my back so I recommend this anti-theft travel bag!

What would you hide in your Pacsafe Travel Bag? 

Pacsafe Travel Bag


12 thoughts on “Scam the thieves with the Pacsafe Travel Bag

    1. I can relate to the feeling: ”looking all the way back from the sea”. You can’t really enjoy swimming… I used the Pacsafe Travel Bag in Thailand when I was travelling alone and it’s great as a carry-on inside planes and buses. You can click on the green ‘Pacsafe Travel Bag’ text if you want to purchase it from Amazon. I’m now experimenting with affiliate marketing to monetize my travel writing. 🙂


  1. Brilliant! Surprised someone didn’t come up with this idea sooner! Thank you for the follow over at From the Inside Out. Hope you find the posts meaningful whenever you’re able to visit!

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