Travel smart to the Gates of Dead

Im 24 and I start to realize that my life is short. One day goes fast and you see that you do a lot of not relevant things during your school or work time. Life is short lady’s and gentlemen… One month goes fast right? What about a year it rushes too. How many years do we still have left? Let count 80 as an average passing age (who knows we can also live till our 150). But okey…. for me it’s 80 – 24 = 56 years. Hmmm 56 years left. Let’s multiply it by 12 and you have 672 months. 1 Month goes fast right? So when we are born we start to die? Yep! But there is more…..


We forget that we live – watching TV screens, scrolling Facebook feeds, reading things that are bullshit (maybe this post). You start to realize that you waste your lifetime for stuff you don’t need or don’t like without experiencing the life you really love.  Please don’t live someone else life, because all the other lifes are taken – Steve Jobs. Live your own life. You can at least die with a smile and without regrets. Who knows there is some kind of second world, maybe nothing or we will reborn again. The Kingdom of Dead is probably the most exciting destination that you will visit. So start your journey to the Gates of the Dead. Let’s get the best out of this life time trip. Enjoy!


Okey so how many days do I have left? Hmm let’s multiple 672 months by an average of 30 it will be 20160. Hmm not so bad (lucky me). But less than my bank account… You have probably more Luxury Coins $ when you are older so more to invest in your ”life to do list”. But okey how can you travel smart to the Gates of Dead? It all depends of your lifestyle. Here are some ideas…

Travel Smart

Reflect! Know who you are, what you do and want to do in the future. (SMART-goals)

Think about your own body! Polish it, improve it and you will get more fun out of it. (Mind-soul container)

Eat healthy! When you eat good food you will have more energy to do the stuff you like and also probably enjoy more life time (Life Energy). 

Don’t buy crap! Only collect stuff you really need, because otherwise you waste your time, energy and Luxury Coins (minimalism).

Love! During your journey don’t harm others and learn to forgive so you don’t be affected by negativity. (Karma points)

Don’t compare yourself to others, we are all unique and have our own abilities so work on your life and start to travel smart to the Gates of Dead!

What will you do? 



8 thoughts on “Travel smart to the Gates of Dead

  1. I like your Travel Smart list, all good points for anyone traveling at any age. Because I’m such a moving freak, I used to have a quote stuck on my fridge for encouragement when I’d start doubting my sanity. It said, “You are living your life uniquely, and for the first time.” So, remember you’re never alone on the journey!

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