Boat trip experience on the Sea of Galilee (Israel)

My brother opens the door of the car. The 37 degrees heat welcomes us. We arrived at Tiberius – the city of the Galilee Sea. It’s a big lake located in Israel where according to ancient stories Jesus Christ walked over water. Many people call it a miracle of the New Testament in the Bible. But our mission is not looking back into history. We want to explore the lowest sweetwater lake on earth. That’s why we begin the search to rent a boat.


We walk through the old buildings. The sun burns our skin. My sister has a headache and my brother want’s to go back to home. It’s hot! To continue our journey we get some sunburn creme and buy fancy hats to protect ourself against the burning sun. We go further to the shore looking for a place to rent a boat. Looking left and right we finally find a men who is willing to help. For 120 Shekel we can hire a boat for half an hour, but we don’t know how to control a boat….


”It’s easy, don’t worry”, says the Hebrew boat renter. ”Just go!” So we do that. Climbing into the boat my father takes the captains seat. The young guy who probably helps his father with the boat business gives us instructions. We leave the shore behind. It goes well without crashing into the rocks. The view is relaxing.


My father takes his fishing road and tries to catch some fish. I begin to make some photo’s with the new Canyon camera. Sometimes we see big fish flopping out of the water and disappearing again. The maximum depth of the lake is 43 m (141 feet). But it’s even on some places 215 meters below sea level. So there is a chance of catching some really big monsters.

I take over the captains seat and try to learn to control the boat myself. First Im a bit afraid that I crash into other boats. But it goes well. I learn to turn arround and my father can focus on the fishing.

It’s crazy when you think about that on the other side of the lake you are almost in Syria. So we are not far away from the war that still hasn’t ended. I turn around the boat and get the last glimpse of the other side of the lake. It’s time to go back. We couldn’t catch any fish. Probably we hadn’t the right equipment or not enough time. But we could experience the Sea of Galilee.


When you look behind me you see ”something” next to the boat. Is it a fish? Some trash? Maybe something else? I don’t know. During my photo sorting I saw ”it” by accident.

What do you think it is?ย 





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