Maniana lessons from Wojciech Cejrowski

Wojciech Cejrowski is a traveler and writer who goes barefoot to experience the far unknown places. He is also a presentator of his own Travel Program:ย ”Boso przez Swiat” on the Polish TV. Wojciech came from America to visit the city Bydgoszczy in Poland. So my girlfriend and I had the chance to get some Maniana lessons from him.


What is Maniana?ย 

”Work as less as you can and enjoy your life all the time.” We are in Europe addicted to work. Especially Polish people are crazy workers who don’t know when to stop. The Polish immigrants in Holland work even 7 days in the week. Just to earn some money. But by all this work we forget sometimes what really is important in life. We forget how to live!


Wojciech Cejrowski says that we even forget the smell of our own mother or father. We are more often with people who are toxic to us and not with friends we love. The chance is even higher that we die during work than in the free time. So why are we working so hard? Is it really so important? Do we need all this stuff we own? Because when you look at the poor country’s. The people are mayby poor from the outside but rich from the inside. They know how to enjoy life and don’t think about tomorrow. That’s what ”Maniana” is.







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