Koh Rong – The paradise

In the south of Cambodia there is an island. White beaches. Jungle. Weed. Party’s. Even places where you can sit alone and enjoy the sounds of the nature.

It’s a paradise! Everyone will find something special. There is no place for shyness. Only for happiness. You can talk to everyone like if the stranger is your best friend. Even weed is ‘legal.’ Cause the local police is corrupt. In the rest of Cambodia you get a life sentence. If you want to visit Koh Rong you need to be fast. It will be a race with the others. In the future it can become a touristic BOOM! Hotels and bungalows begin slowly to capture the island. So be fast dear traveler!


Arrive first in Cambodia than go to Sihanoukville located in the south. From there you can take a ferry (cheap and slow) or speed boat (expensive and fast). Welcome in Koh Rong!

Warning: No hospitals on the island so be careful! 



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