Clam diving in Phan Thiet – Vietnam

During our chilling at the Mui Ne beach we spot two Vietnamese guys diving in the sea. Sometimes they disappear under the water for a long time. With the head and body vertical they search for clams and crabs. You can only see the legs coming out of the water. We are curious what they are doing. So we go into the sea.


They greet us friendly and show their catch. We see clams and crabs moving in the plastic bag. ‘It’s for diner’, they say. They borrow us the masks. Now we can call ourselves clammers! Because clamming is what the clammers do. We enjoy the underwater life. But catching the clams is very difficult. The animals in the shells are hidden belowย the sandy surface. Maybe one day after many years of practice we can become pro’s in the art of clamming.


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