Paradise becomes horror!

It’s night and my friend is standing on the veranda of our bamboo hut. With both hands he holds the fence. He is shaking and than pukes. I try to support him and say that he needs to lay down. He is moaning and pukes again. Than he falls tired in sleep. I begin also to feel dizzy and go to dreamland.

In the morning I don’t feel good. My stomach is hurting so I go to the bathroom. I feel very sick and fall on my knees. Than I throw over. Now it’s my turn to feel the pain. And I almost though I escaped. Everything is spinning. Like a drunk man I try to find the way to my bed. I can only see white before my eyes. Than I go KO and wake up later. Daan is feeling better and comes with some breakfast. I feel sick when I try to eat. But I give my best to get some energy. The whole day we are staying at our little bamboo hut. We feel a little bit better and talk about what kind of food could make us sick. Now we will try to be more careful. Food poisoning is not the thing I will wish someone on his holiday or travel journey. And yea you can see now how a paradise can become a real life horror!

bad streetfood

Here is an article from KLM about how to avoid food poisoning: 

How to Avoid Food Poisoning

Read it and learn it!

And here are 3 golden tips from me:

  1. Eat food on places where are a lot of other western people. If they eat it than it’s probably safe.
  2. Street food is very tasty but it’s not always made by the western rules of hygiene. So avoid it or not.
  3. Always and always wash your hands before eating!

Did you ever had food poisoning? Comment below! 

2 thoughts on “Paradise becomes horror!

  1. Is that photo of bread with maggots the one you and your friend ate that made you sick? I hope it wasn’t 🙂 I have travelled in India where street food is something I hesitate to try, but I will eat street food that is bar-b-q’d in Bangkok and I will eat hawker’s food in Singapore:;

    I can relate to your food poisoning experience. The only food poisoning I encountered was in my younger days, eating fresh strawberries bought from the fresh market in Baguio City, Philippines. Biological farming wasn’t introduced then and farmer’s would spray their plants with chemicals. I guess the strawberries were not thoroughly washed before bringing to the market. Just like you and your friend, my sister and I had severe stomach pain, vomitting, and we went blank. I didn’t eat strawberries for a very long time. But since then, I made sure that I wash every fresh produce I buy from the market. As for you who loves travelling, make sure you don’t keep anything stale (breads) because they easily get mold especially in warm temps. and make sure to check the hygiene of places you eat (If street food). Good luck and take care!

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    1. It’s not the bread with maggots that made me sick haha. Probably some streetfood that I ate that day. I see you saw also a lot of beautifull places and tasted many delicious food. Thx for your advice I will remember it, because my next destination is Israel and later Morocco. 😉

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