Deadly Grand Canyon in Pai

After a night of drinking Chiang Beer I wake up at 2 pm. Im dizzy. The poison did his work. My friend and me are like feeling sick and depressed. But we don’t want to waste this day. We still want to go on an adventure. In place of a scooter we rent again two bikes. This time mountainbikes. So we go up in the mountains. We go up and up. Our legs are hurting but it’s realy worth for the view we get. You can see Pai surrounded by mountains. We use a GPS but it’s not alaways working right. So we ask a local man witch way the Grand Canyon is. He looks like a real woodcutter with his long beard and wild hair. Behind him we see two little boys standing next to each other and pissing from a ravine. They enjoy the view of the mountains. That’s how it looks tho. The man says that it’s 500 meters down and than to the right.

So we go down and to the right. There it is. The Canyon of Pai. We take a run on the stairs to have some fun. Other tourists are looking at us like we are idiots. But it’s fine we enjoy it. Upstairs after taking some breath we enjoy the view. The Canyon is similar to the Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai. The only difference is that there is no water and it’s high as fuck. We see a western girl take a photo on the edge of the canyon. One mistake and she can fall. But it goes well. The sun is almost going under so we go further to explore the Canyon. Walking I miss my hike shoes, because it’s very slippy. Sometimes we slip. But it goes well. And yeah on some places one wrong step can be your last one. We just put our minds out and go further. You need to beware for the loose stones. But we can keep it up without falling down and smashing our head. You see a lot of trees with realy big leaves.


We need to hurry because it’s becoming dark. Sometimes we need to slide down or climb up. It’s not difficult but please better don’t go with children. It’s realy dangerous. Walking, climbing and sliding we stand before a bridge. Ofcourse also not safe. One side of the bridge is gone. The other is in crappy condition. I need to make a big step to go over a hole in the bridge. It’s cracking when we walk. Beware to walk in the middle and not the sides of the bridge, because some shelfs are loose and in bad condition. On the other side we need to go down and bough our heads for the branches of the trees. The sun is down. So we really need to mind our step. There are no tourists anymore. We can hear the crickets play music. Also some other sounds. The sky is full of stars. And we can see like many lights of the villages. We enjoy the moment.


Further I spot a guy. He is like sitting and chilling on his own. We say hellow to each other and he gives us a pistache nut. Yea gut for the energy. Together we climb the last part and arrive at the empty entrance. He leaves with his scooter and we go to take our bikes. There are only some homeless dogs left. they are like walking and looking at us. I say to Daan, let’s go before they become hungry. He goes on the bicycle and rides down. Then a dog starts to bark. He runs after my friend. Daan and me are only thinking about rabies. My friend escapes. I stay on my place defending myself with the bicycle. But the doggies don’t attack me. Maybe the dog runned after Daan because he was riding on the bike. So I walk down to Daan and we move further.

There is one problem… We are like 12 kilometers from Pai and don’t  have any light. Daan uses his mobile phone so we can see something. Every time we need to go off the highway, to not get hit by the motors and cars. We can ride like that but very slowly. The Thai ‘kontai’ look at us like we are really really crazy ‘farangs.’ Than if it’s not enough the road is on fire. Yea not the whole road but the sides of it. We see a Thai with a torch. He has a hat and scarf to protect his face from the smoke. With the torch he puts the trees and plants on fire. It’s quite an amazing view. Like a lot of campfires at one place. Even an another asian stops on his scooter to make a photo.


We go again on our bikes and leave the burning trees and plants behind us. We take some wrong ways but eventually enter Pai. Happy to be back. It was a long journey and we are realy tired. At our Bamboo Hut we sit down and relax. Than my friend reads on the internet that the road 1095 from Chiang Mai to Pai is one of the most dangerous highways in Thailand. Many tourist died there. That’s what the bangkokpost says. We are lucky to survive without any light and lucky to be not bite by other dogs. Because we met a lot of dogs barking at us. We were looking for an adventure so we found one. Now we will rest and enjoy some Chiang beer again! Peace. 


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