Bye Chiang Mai and Hellow Pai

Tired after a long war against the mosquito’s, we say goodbye to Chiang Mai and bye to a kontai friend. Kontai means like a local Thai. It was a hard goodbye for my friend, because their friendship became something more. But it was time to go on the road again. So a car picks usย up. I fall in sleep immediately. When I wake up I see my friend Daan looking out of the window. You see big trees, bamboo and a lot of tropical plants. It’s just ‘Wow’. But Im so tired that I fall in sleep again. My head is moving left-right-left-right, because the jungle makes place for high mountains. I almost sleep on a random dude’s shoulder but my dear friend warns me before it happens. We arrive in Pai.

My first impression is like rest, peace and adventure in one. I see a lot of ย foreign travellers like hippies and life enjoyers. The atmosphere is different. Like magical. All the cultures and lifestyles make Pai a special place. I think I will enjoy my stay here. With our backpacks we are looking for a place to sleep. Yea we were to lazy to book a hostel before. But lazy or not we are looking for some accommodation. We go over a bamboo bridge. It’s moving and cracking. We are afraid that it will not hold us. Safe on the other side we see a lot of houses on pillars made of bamboo. They look realy nice so we move in. Only 200 baht each. That’s like 5 euro for a night. The new place is full of farangs, but everyone enjoys like the peace of quietness. When we hang out on our bamboo veranda we hear a beautiful voice of a girl playing on a ukulele. There is something special about this place. Maybe it will change how I look at the world. Or maybe Pai itself is a place out of this world.



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