How to write a guest travel blog post?


Are you thinking to write a guest post for another travel blog? You don’t know where to start and how to approach a website owner. Read this article to get all the information you need to collaborate with a travel blogger.

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Research website

Do some research about the travel blog that you would like to write for. That will ensure that your content will be a good fit for their audience. Check out the blog posts to learn more about the writing style, and visit the about page to know the website owner.

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Contact owner

Reach out to the owner of the travel blog by email or contact form to propose your guest blog post. Ask for a post template and general terms and conditions. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for backlinking, a referral, or social media promotion.

Write like a pro

Create a unique and high-quality piece of content that will be of value to the owner of the website and the readers of the travel blog. Think about the tone of voice, vocabulary, grammar, and correct writing. Don’t forget about visual elements like a thumbnail, picture, and video.

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Claim your reward

Include a short bio and profile picture of yourself at the end of the guest blog post. You should also add a link to your own travel blog to get new traffic and improve your SEO. If the website owner was satisfied you can also offer your paid writing services.


Once your post is live try to get more views and comments by sharing it on your social media channels. It will increase traffic to the travel blog post and is marketing for your personal brand. You can also use the guest blog post for your portfolio to get freelance projects, a new job, or for promoting your business.

“What are the benefits of a guest blog post?”

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