Abandoned prison under water in Rummu (Estonia)

Local children are jumping from the prison roof into the water. Divers are exploring the sunk parts of the building. Others are lying on the beach to enjoy the view of the abandoned Sovjet Prison. It’s a special but dangerous place located in Rummu (Estonia). If you are an daredevil you can go to see it with your own eyes. But be careful! 

(Source: Youtube) 

The area became a tourist attraction but it doesn’t mean it’s safe. The place seems private property. There are a lot of warnings, because the lake bed contains machinery, barbed wire, pieces of thick concrete and other remains of the building. Think twice when you do a crazy jump from the prison building. Because there is the risk to get hurt. When you dive you need to be careful to not get stuck in the barbed wire. In August 2014 a 17-years old girl hurt her back when she jumped from the building. In 2016 a 35-years old man was found drowned in the quarry, according to Dailymail.

In the winter it’s also possible to explore the place. The lake is than frozen and it becomes a paradise for ice skaters. The ice is surprisingly clear. Under it you can see the remains of the building. Some parts are sticking out of it so beware where you skate. Still it’s not safe, because the water is deep and you never know if the ice is thick enough.

The prison was build in 1940s by the Sovjet Union on the lip of a limestone quarry where the inmates were forced to work. In 1991 Estonia became independent. So the Soviets moved out and abandoned the place. Nobody took care anymore for the quarry where the water needed to be pomped continually. The place filled fast with water and drowned the maining machines. The buildings were swallowed by the rising water. Now you can find a lake with the remains of the prison inside of it.

The place is now surrounded by a wall and barbed wire. But it seems that the wall is on some parts broken so you can climb over it without a big effort. According to Atlas Obscura you can use this GPS coordinates: 59.226397,24.190215 to find the place.

Source: Dailymail


12 thoughts on “Abandoned prison under water in Rummu (Estonia)

  1. Eastern Europe really has many adventurous and interesting places.

    When I was in Estonia one winter, I went to the island of Hiiumaa. It had been a Soviet military base, now abandoned too. One could enter into the tunnels, climb old towers, walk around in left buildings. And all of that surrounded by beautiful and peaceful nature.

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  2. Oh my gosh- so glad I found your blog, I LOVE abandoned places- check out my abandoned adventures section if you ever get the chance. I will definitely be getting out there more this summer and exploring and next week I go to Greece and I most definitely plan on making a list of abandoned places to explore in Greece..

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    1. Thx! I have also a passion for hidden or abandoned places. But even some tourist spots become a different ‘world’ when the gates of the park are closed. Have a great adventure during your exploration!

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  3. Thank you for following my little Blog- i am glad you did so I found yours! 🙂 This looks like such a cool and fun place! It’s a shame it’s that dangerous! Although the ice skating I would most definitely try- must be oo cool to be able to see the building underneath you so surreal.

    Happy travels and I am sure I wil visit your blog more often now 🙂


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