Licheń – the catholic village in Poland

This time I’m on the road with my girlfriend. We visit Licheń – a small catholic village located in the middle of Poland. It’s also called ‘The sanctuary of ‘ Our Lady of Licheń’. It’s one of the important Maria sanctuaries. Every year milions of pelgrims visit the small village. So we take a look what’s so special about this place.

We discover that a lot of people believe that the place have some healing power. That’s why a lot of tourists cross the border to visit the place and heal their illness. You can buy a Maria bottle and fill it with ‘healing’ water. If you drink the water you could become better. The village itself seems to have also ‘healing powers’ because of the positive energy location. Some people believe it. Others not. But even for me as an unbeliever the place was really interesting and special to visit.


One of the interesting places is Golgotha. It’s a fake mountain made of stones and rocks that represents the Golgotha where Jesus Christ was crusified. You can enter the path and climb up the mountain. On the way up you can visit different rooms like murder, addiction, abortion, friendship or relationship betrayal. There you can pray for your sins. I entered the room to stop smoking. Unfortunately it didn’t work.


The most popular is the Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń. It’s one of the largest churches in the world. The foundation of the building dates back to 1813. According to a legend there was a Polish soldier who was fighting under Napoleon and got seriously wounded in Leipzig. He prayed to Maria that he didn’t want to die in a foreign land. Than she appeared before his eyes. Wearing a golden crown and holding an eagle in her right hand she comforted the soldier. ‘You will recover and return safe to Poland’. For return the soldier was instructed to have an image of her made and put it in a public place. ‘My people will pray before this image and shall draw many graces at my hands in the hardest times of trial’. The legend is also a reason that many pelgrims go on the road to visit the small village in the middle of Poland.


Don’t  forget to visit the church of ‘holy Dorothe’. When you climb the stairs of the tower you will get a nice view of the Licheń landscape. There you can also see the largest and heaviest bell in Poland. There is also a place where you can donate some money and pray before two angels. My girlfriend did it too. Do you see the wallet on the chair? When we got home it was probably still on the same chair in Licheń. She forgot it. There was 300 zl in the purse! We didn’t know where my girlfriend lose it. So we called the sanctuary next day. My girlfriend was very lucky. It was found!




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