Plain of Jars in Phonsavan (Laos)

Big jars from stone are spread around the area of Phonsavan. Nobody knows what the jars are. Some locals believe that the jars were filled with food to feed the giants. The archaeologists think that the jars were used for burial practices. Some people believe it. Others not. But nobody knows about the secret of Jars. The mystery is still under the ground!ย 


The view is amazing and you can question yourself every time what the real story behind the Plain of Jars is. One thing is true for sure. A lot of jars were damaged because of the US bombing during the ‘Secret war’ in Laos.

There are a lot of bombs still under the ground. That’s why the archaeological project is very difficult. A lot of districts with the jars are still very dangerous to visit. You can see the bomb craters.

Always follow the path even if you visit the touristic areas. ‘There can be still not cleared bombs.’ That’s what the locals tell us. We go to visit the area by our self. So we need to stay on the path. Otherwise maybe BOOM!


During our Plain of Jars exploration we find some archaeologists doing some research and digging. They were lucky to find some human bones, a tooth and some pottery. But the Plain of Jars is still a mystery.


My friend is the same like me. We never say no to adventure and explore everything!



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