Exotic Jackfruit in Vietnam

Weird candy. Colorful fruit. Big fish and strange vegetables. Welcome at the local Vietnamese supermarket. It’s a different world when you compare it to Holland. I don’t know what to choice. Everything is so oversized. Slowly I get used to all the crazy new food. But than… I spot something. I have never seen it before. Maybe taste it one time without knowing. I don’t know. But really. It’s huge!ย 


I pick it up in my hands and it feels like workout. Too heavy. I don’t know where it comes from. But now I understand what the daily meal of the dinosaurus was. In the hotel I find out that the thing is called Jackfruit. You can find it a lot in the South and Southeast Asia. The Jackfruit tree grows in a tropical enviroment and his fruits are one of the largest tree- borne ย fruit. It can be used for variety of dishes like custards, cakes, chips and ice. Even the seeds are eatable. You can boil, roast or bake it. The taste seems milky and sweet.

Have you ever tried the exotic Jackfruit?ย 


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