Top 10 bad travel flirts

When you are on the road you can experience some party atmosphere in the late nights. A lot of people are looking for the other half or just for some fun. Here are some flirts that you can hear on your holiday or travel journey.
1. You smell nice. What kind of mosquitto deet do you use?
2. Bonjour, where are you from?
3. Hey, want to share a taxi. We can go to my hostel. I stay in a dorm room but there is a lot of space, so don’t worry.
4. Do you know some nice clubs? Ah nice, can I go with you?
5. Ah you are looking for a cheap hostel. You can stay in my room if you want?
6. Want to go on an adventure?
7. Heyyyy! Come with me. I know a good club!
8. Want to share a bucket with me, because I don’t have a lot of money.
9. Are you a ladyboy or girl?
10. Hey, is everything allright with you. You look drunk, come I will bring you home.

What is your best or worst flirt that you tried during travel?

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