First Night lost in Bangkok

Yes there I am in the Thai big city Bangkok. Daan and I take the train and ofcourse the tuk tuk. We arrive at the Khao san road in our Chadia Hostel. On the famous backpacker road there are a lot of locals and foreign people. It’s like the Mekka for travellers. You can find here everything. From eating scorpion to Thai massage with happy ending! It’s also famous for the wild nights out.

So we go out to explore the clubs – Not even alouding the jetlag to take over our heads. Lucky enough the Thai Singha beer heals the tiredness out of our bodies. Than we order a Chang Tower. Not even knowing what it is. The waiter arrives with something huge. It’s like a big tower statue with beer inside of it. Ow yea we attack that tower. But after couple hours my friend Daan becomes tired and goes to our hostel. I want to party more. So I stay with a group of local Thai. But the Chang tower becomes also to big for me.

When I walk out of the club I can’t find my way back to the hostel. Dammm Im lost! I ask some Thai young people the road. They say come with us to party. I don’t remember why but than Im with them in a taxi. We arrive on the other side of Bangkok before a big hotel. They invite me inside. Their living room is huge. There are a lot of paintings and statues. Wanna drink some Thai whiskey, they ask? Yes ofcourse! Than I fall asleep remembering only the Sijsja at the end of the night.

The next morning I wake up and hear Thai voices. Im wondering where I am. Slowly I open one eye to look around. On the other side of the room I see some Thai guys playing on the computer. Dizzy by the hangover I stay up and say good morning to them. They are very nice to me and say to have a hangover too. I can go on the computer to message my family and friend. We go out of the Hotel and take a taxi. They are so gentle to go with me all the way back to the Khao San road.

We arrive at Chadia hostel. When my friend Daan sees me he jumps into my arms. I thought you were fucking dead!!! He calls. Thanks to the local Thai people I had a safely drunk Chang tower trip. Than we go all together to eat an anti-hangover breakfast at the market. For 100 Bah we eat our bellies full with the local friends we made. The food is delicious! But also very very spicy!!

What’s your biggest travel adventure? 



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