The Lisu and Lahu tribes

We find a local market and a farm of the Lisu tribe. You can recognise them by the colourfull clothes. But unfortunately they are not really happy to see us. I ask friendly if I can take a picture for my blog. The old woman didn’t want it and the others were also not very enthousiastic. So I take only some shots of the small market and a farm.


When we are looking around, there arrives a loudly scooter and stops. Two people, a boy and a girl jump of the vehicle and begin to take pictures. Now we know why the Lisu don’t like pictures and why the Farangs are not really welcome. So we respect that and move further into the mountains.


Behind a big hill, tired and sweaty we find the Lahu. They are a little bit different from the Lisu. When we stop to take a breath a young man stands up from his daily work at the ricefield. He makes a cigaret gesture and asks us if we want to smoke some marihuanna. We say friendly no thankyou and smile. I think it would be a good experience to smoke with the locals. Not the weed would be nice but the chance to talk with the Lahu and see how they enjoy their daily life. But in Thailand you don’t want to go to jail for it. You can get 20 years for just smoking a joint. So we will wait till Holland if we would like too. Later we are also asked like 6 times if we want some marihuanna. We also hear a lot of fireworks, because there is a kind of ceremony. It’s dark already and for us it’s time to eat some dinner. We enjoy the ride downhill. It’s the reward for going up. 😉


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