Review: The Quest (1996)

The film The Quest directed by Jean-Claude van Damme starts immediately with adventure. Chris Dubois (Van Damme) is a clown and leader of a pickpockets guild consisting of children. He is the only adult and takes care of the children. But when they have a ‘big catch’ the local mafia and later the police go after him. Chris escapes on a ship but not for long.


Source: copied from Wikipedia

When Chris is on the sea the pirates capture him. Later he is sold out to the leader Khao that is in charge of a small island. There he learns Muay Thai and begins a quest to the hidden arena in the lost city. It’s a place where opponents of different martial arts styles fight against each other. Only one fighter can win the golden dragon. You sit on the edge of the chair because the fights in the ring will give you an adrenaline rush. 

Van Damme shows in the film many countries and the importance of friendship and endurance. If you like adventure and travel films than you will probably enjoy The Quest. The main character Chris goes on an odyssey. Maybe first not on purpose because he is on the run. But eventually he learns a lot from traveling around the globe. I think many travelers dream of going on a journey of self development. That’s why The Quest can be an inspirational film to watch.

    Source: Copied from Youtube

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