Profit from the Tuk Tuk scam in Bangkok

An English speaking Thai walks up to you. He is friendly and want to help. The main temples are closed or he knows where it’s cheap. He loves Holland. But also Germany, France and go on… It depends where his prey comes from. If you know Bangkok than you are aware of the world famous Tuk Tuk scam. But don’t run. Don’t hide. You can also make profit of it! I tell you the story.ย 


In most cases a tuk tuk driver has more jobs. He is a dealer – Wanna buy some weed or coke? Not coca cola! He works for the sex industry – Want a girl? He is a recruiter – Brings you to a gem or suit factory. The world he lives in is sometimes very hard.ย  But that’s how he can earn money for his wife and little kids. I understand the man. His work is an everyday adventure.ย 

First you need to recognize the scam

When the tuk tuk driver offers you only 20 – 50 Baht for a ride than you can almost be sure… You will get scammed! It’s the same when a random person offers you a temple tour. So I stand with my friend in front of a tuk tuk driver. He offers a low price. We know that the scam is coming. Fuck it! We embrace the fraud and try to profit from it. So we let the driver know that we are aware of the scam. We offer him to see one suit factory. So he can get some fuel commision. ”Please watch slowly.”, he says. For return he brings us for only 40 Baht to China Town. The deal is completed. Win for the tuk tuk driver. And a win for us. A lost for the suit company. They don’t like it at all!


Angry suit company!ย 

The Suit factory is not very far from the Khao San Road – the backpacker street in Bangkok. We step out of the tuk tuk and see two men in fancy suits waiting for us. The ‘friendly’ men invite us to come inside. ”Where you from? Want something to drink? Which suit you like?” We get split up. One man tries to persuadeย me to fit a fake Armani suit. The other ‘helps’ my friend. But the problem is that we are at the same factory as 2 months ago. We used the tuk tuk scam at this factory before and didn’t buy anything! The men in suits recognize us. ”You here before?”, they ask. We deny it. They don’t believe it and become angry that we don’t want a suit. ”We sell suits and no condoms!” They show us the door. You can see the agressive look in their eyes. So we leave the factory very fast. The tuk tuk driver is waiting and brings us to China Town. Hopefuly he gets his commision.

Be careful with using the tuk tuk scam. But using it once it’s a cool and fun experience! What’s the worst scam you ever fall for?ย 







2 thoughts on “Profit from the Tuk Tuk scam in Bangkok

  1. Ha ha…these gem and suit scams with Tuk Tuk drivers! I remember the driver wanting to take us to endless “Lucky Buddha” before we told him “No. No more. Straight to the market”. He dropped us and we never saw him again.
    And what a mission to get out of these gem places though…

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